"The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you will see."
Winston Churchill
Please let us know how your Organization and your network look like. The 12 simple questions below will allow us a lot on better understanding your potential needs. As a result of this quick questionnaire, we will be able to provide you with a preliminary report on your network within two working days.


Tip: Don't worry with the number of network ports (irrelevant, at this stage). The number of users is the important data at this stage. In the event you are planning any significant change, add the future number after - ie: "800/950"
Tip: Low for big areas with few users, Medium for buildings mainly with offices and High for buildings mainly with Open spaces with a significant amount of users
Tip: Please add the estimated amount of networking closets, including Core, Distribution and Edge (don’t include the Datacenter here)
Tip: In the event you were making some changes on the network, please add the year of the most significant change, even if some quick updates were made after

WIFI characterization


WIFI obstacles and interference

Tip: Use Low for Open spaces, Medium for a mix of offices and open spaces and high for buildings where most areas will include many metallic elements, mirrors, concrete walls, etc…)
Tip: Use Low if you intend to cover mostly some areas like meeting rooms, Medium if you have overall coverage and High if you intend a good bandwidth to the overall space and allow each one of the users to carry their own devices (BYOD). You may use for example Low / High if you have only the meeting rooms covered but you intend to deploy a BYOD.

Voice solution



Tip: if you know how many of those are dual or quad homing, you may add this field, otherwise please add an estimate on the amount of servers