What would be The Financial Impact of Your Network Downtime?

While there are many reputable studies on how much an average outage costs to the Industry, if you want an estimate for your specific network, the hateful but realistic answering is "it depends,"... It depends on your organization, the industry, the duration of the downtime, the number of people impacted, etc.

It is not only about money. Reputation, customer retention, employee satisfaction, and overall confidence can be shaken by even a short outage and these costs are not measurable.

However, there are costs that can be measured and we will be pleased to share our experience by providing you with a preliminary report highlighting those. This report may include many other estimates such as power and cooling consumption / potential savings, operational costs (including those typically hidden or underestimated), expected bandwidth per user and service & support hints for optimizing your network.

By providing insight on twelve simple questions, you may get a report estimating the above for your specific network… within two working days, at no cost... why don’t you give us a try?