"The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place."
George Bernard Shaw

Repair & Systems Hardening

In the ideal world, components would not fail...

In real world, they do!

According to Murphy law, they will fail exactly on the moment/place where it hurts more (i.e.: hitting Finance by the end of month or by the Fiscal Year closure)

While Cruxen is not able to recreate the ideal world, there are a few actions that can significantly mitigate the need for fix and repairing.

In first place, by improving environmental conditions, the kit EOL may be significantly extended. With that in mind, one of the areas of Cruxen expertise (normally addressed during an initial health check) are the environmental conditions:

Evaluating and designing solutions to make sure operating temperatures will remain within manufacturer suggested limits. This may significantly impact the life of all the components in a very positive way.

- Evaluating and designing solutions to keep power stable – This will save the power supplies while protecting the remaining components from peaks
- Evaluating and designing solutions to protect against external agents such as dust, contamination, acids, etc…
- Evaluating and designing solutions / deploying procedures for manipulating components to avoid devices mishandling (i.e.: static electricity induced by mishandling components, (which in theory would have to be performed by qualified engineers only), is actually responsible for almost 1/3 of all the failures)

In summary, the number of failures can be significantly reduced after the right procedures are in place and a number of conditions are ensured. Although this reduction may be significant, at the end there will be always the need to handle some failures.

While many other actions may / should take place to reduce the MTTR (ie: onsite spares, redundancy mechanisms, etc…), a number of procedures will be required to recover these components.

While in most cases, this may be achieved through the contract backup with the manufacturer, some additional actions may take place in parallel. Simple components replacement / repair such as fans, interfaces or similar devices may not require the manufacturer to be involved and older components may not justify its repair.

As part of the support contract, Cruxen may work with you on finding in advance the most appropriate solution for each case.