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Specifications definition & Procurement

Of course any Systems Integrator or any vendor would be happy to help building the specifications for a tender. This is clearly an area where a lot of organizations are whiling to “help”, hoping this way to gain any kind of advantage as they also sell the gear.

Cruxen is an independent company and therefore, without any conflict of interest.
We may step aside immediately after working with you in the specifications, to participate in a Proof of Concept with the vendor of your choice or manage the project awarded upon finding the best offer. We can do only a part of this, or the entire road with you, if that is your requirement.

Obviously, we are happy to take our share of responsibility in the project success. This can be easily achieved by many parameters such as for example:
- Timely execution of the entire project including each of its milestones and respect for the maintenance windows agreed
- Participation on the SLAs effectiveness (by sizing in advance the maximum downtime allowed for a certain period)

In summary, Cruxen may provide:

- Technical expertise and advice in the Networking and Security areas, before, during or after building the Specifications.

- Support the evaluation of applications / tenders / proposals and monitoring of their implementation.

- Provide support to and/or participate in various (technical) meetings and working groups.

- Any other support with technical / administrative work related to project requirements.