"The secret of my influence has always been that it remained secret."
Salvador Dali

Our real partners.. the ones who make our story successful

Cruxen - a new company with over 15 years

Cruxen was born back in 1999 to provide the services (Professional Services, Training and Maintenance) for a North American vendor in the EMEA region.

As of today, we see our independence as the only way to provide an objective and comprehensive approach not encumbered by reseller agreements or business relationships that influence our analyses and recommendations.

Our unbiased approach is complemented by our experience with a wide array of network vendors. In summary, although we work virtually with any vendor, we see as our real partners, the customers we work with. We make our resources available to them so they can optimize their infrastructures and operate it in the most efficient way.

We normally dont disclose the name of our customers but...
...there are a few success stories from someone in the networking arena since many years ago

Southern Europe

A major airport was experiencing significant issues with its network stability. It became clear from the begining that problems were not related with the age of existing gear (quite recent) nor those were related with the available bandwith, as the existing appplications were not that demanding. After a full assessment on the network, were detected some consistency issues and some policies were developed and then enforced so the most sensitive applications were given the right priority. At the same time, all the redundancy mechanisms were optimized and the entire configuration reviewed. As a result of this engagement, the Airport has been fully stable over the last few years, without being forced to replace any components, as it was suggested in some ocasions.

Central Europe

A major manufacturer was whiling to migrate their entire network to a new technology. However, to change all the configurations in ~30 diferent buildings across a big campus was a challenge that system integrators were not whiling to take, since the maintenance window provided by the customer was too short (one single weekend, after which, it operational losses would go as high as 9M Euro / day) . After 8 months planning the migration, all the buildings were migrated over one single weekend. The entire migration was totally transparent for the users who didnt notice one single issue by monday morning.

Northern Europe

A major chain store was looking for a network change on 400 branches spread over a major area. THe entire migration was completed in about 3 months.


A major Hospital was whiling to remove all the paper and optimize their processes through electronic records. However, there was a few challenges:
- existing network was far from stable and the Hospital was whiling to reduce the overall downtime to a maximum of 7 seconds in one year, requiring a specific SLA in line with this need.
- it was required an apropriate level of confidenciality for the records
- it was necessary to develop a number of change processes, allowing the normal operation
After designing all the change procedures and hardening the network, an SLA of 99.997% has been agreed for the year after. Although the commitment was for one year, this SLA was kept in place for the following several years.


Planning, design and implementation kickoff of a major MPLS network in Africa, connecting a few hundred buildings spread over 50 different Counties.