The most appropriate networking technology for your specific business

Too often in business, people are rewarded for having the answer that the person they report to or the vendor they work with, WANTS them to provide;

- "Yes, sir, you should buy the cheapest possible solution (which may cost you a lot more in terms of maintenance, electricity and potential downtime)"

- "Yes sir, we can provide a fantastic solution (that is not going to work in your environment until you do a number of forklift upgrades which will ensure my quarterly results for a while)"

- "Yes, ma'am, I can write a brief to justify the need for this particular feature (which nobody else has) and which, if technology doesn’t turn into a totally different direction, may be required well after this gear is amortized or obsolete"

Too often customers don’t see it coming and the obfuscation / deception becomes obvious only after investing a significant amount of resources on pursuing what was believed to be the state of art technology.

Searching for the right technology on your behalf, is what we do at Cruxen. We will be pleased to share with you our experience of many years in the networking industry.