"In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present."
Francis Bacon

Network Monitoring

A complete network monitoring solution may be put in place to get sensitive information from all network devices.This solution may provide the following functionality:

Real time network status and usage.
History of network status and usage.
Availability summary.

Service Delivery process and SLA monitoring

One of the most important tools will be the existing (or new) management tool as it may be set to export some data toCruxen tools. Thanks to this, CUSTOMER and Cruxen should be able to track operations and business service levels,and forecast violations with warning alerts.

The following table indicates an example on some of the metrics which may be important to look while considering anySLA reporting:

Technical and Service metricsLevels (Example for a healthy network)
Average System Availability99.95%
Average Network response5 ms
Backbone Usage< 15%
System incident / Problems4 hours resp. – 8 hours resolution time

In order to implement this SLA, it will be key to deploy together with youa change process methodology, where Cruxenis part of such process. Some optional additional time may be agreed, in order to take many of these operation tasksunder Cruxen responsibility in a regular basis.