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Managing or even Operating your Network

Cruxen offers multiple options in support of on-going management of your network. These solutions can include such things as quarterly optimization efforts, firmware reviews, and reliability testing, or can go as far as having Cruxen employee’s onsite at your location augmenting IT staff and providing a direct link to Cruxen engineering.

There are many flavors of Managed Services and the right one for you may be customized by Cruxen.

It may be as light as remote monitoring (through a NOC), providing technical resources to be onsite a certain amount of time per agreed period, or it may be as sophisticated where we supply you with our gear and crew to operate it, being you responsible only for a period fee (limited to OPEX while eliminating any CAPEX).

In other words, it may range from the situation where you only hire a certain amount of ports, features and SLAs to a simple component complementing your own capabilities.

You decide what you need and we will make it happen

Typical problems addressed by Managed Services - Q&A

Problem - Peace of mind
Solution - Comprehensive coverage can include deployment, monitoring, remote support and Uptime granted by an SLA

Problem - Budget
Solution - Per port pricing, sophisticated networking to get the most out of the investment by selecting the longest lifecycles in the industry. Also, Opex vs. Capital

Problem - Limited IT staff
Solution - Improved combination of Onsite + Remote management

Problem - Network Performance
Solution - Monitoring capabilities, processes to maximize bandwidth where you need it

Problem - Scalability
Solution - Flexible solutions allowing changes on the edge but keeping the Core and Distribution aligned to keep SLAs