"Sometimes the hardest part isn't letting go but rather learning to start over."
Nicole Sobon

Network Design

With the never-ending influx of network-related products to the marketplace, it's becoming almost impossible to stay current with all the offerings, much less figure out how they all work together, especially when multiple vendors are involved.

That's where Cruxen Network Design Services can help. Our independent technicians are available to help you with your toughest projects, from virtual private networking to intrusion prevention and much more. Don't take a chance on incorporating your new networking gear at the wrong place or time. Let Cruxen take the burden from your staff and provide accurate, effective network design assistance, without having to rely on the know-how of a pre-selected vendor.

The network design may include active components from several fields, by specifying the minimum requirements for each one of it. At this point, some pilots may be setup with generic gear just to prove the concept and at the same time to validate the new design.

Pilot – Although optional, this pilot may be key to represent the network status by including:
- Representative servers / applications and its redundant mechanisms if any
- Representative users and its authentication mechanisms, printers, phones, etc.. where such is required