"Nothing is permanent in this wicked world. Not even our troubles."
Charles Chaplin

Technical Support

Cruxen provides services mainly to customers in the Euro Area and ocasionally may cover the entire EMEA region (Europe Middle East and Africa) on some specific engagements.

Technical support provided by Cruxen includes architecture analysis, troubleshooting, case tracking information and break/fix to project-based engagements thanks to agreements with industry most recognized leaders.

Responsiveness – Appreciation and respect for the needs of our clients and all internal and external factors that impact network deployment and operations. Our primary goal is to provide services that result in practical solutions addressing the requirements of the organizations we work with.

Although any SLAs to be put in place will depend on the contract to be agreed, Cruxen typical response to the issues depends on how critical those are, according to the following classification:

C1: Critical – i.e.: Catastrophic impact to mission critical functionality
Total loss or continuous instability of mission critical functionality - Network or system is down causing users to experience a total loss of service • Inability to use a feature or functionality that is currently relied upon for mission critical functionality
Response: Immediate, typically, within minutes. Resources are dedicated until resolution or workaround in place

C2: High - i.e.: Significant impact to mission critical functionality
Loss of redundancy of critical hardware component or intermittent issues that affect mission critical functionality - Issues that are impairing, but not a total loss of mission critical functionality
Response – Very Urgent, typically within a couple of hours. Resources are made available as appropriate until resolution or workaround in place

C3: Medium - i.e.: Minimal impact to business operations
Non-repeated issues that have impacted mission critical functionality but have since recovered, issues seen in a test or pre-production environment that would normally cause adverse impact to a production network, Issues in the network or on the system that are not causing impact to missing critical functionality or non-urgent RMA requests
Response – Urgent, typically within hours or in the next business day. Resources are made available as appropriate until resolution or workaround in place

C4: i.e.: Low Enhancement Request
Adding a protocol or configuring a feature to an existing product
Response: Immediate acknowledgement of issue and implementation as scheduled