Can technology save the world?

... It may help in many different ways

At first sight such statement may look overambitious or even pretentious... but, in fact technology, when properly used, may help in many different ways. How many times have you had to travel just because communication wasn’t being good enough? It is not about the flights only, it’s about being able to work from home at least in a few occasions… face to face meetings will always be important...+


The most appropriate networking technology for your specific business

Too often in business, people are rewarded for having the answer that the person they report to or the vendor they work with, WANTS them to provide...+


What would be The Financial Impact of Your Network Downtime?

While there are many reputable studies on how much an average outage costs to the Industry, if you want an estimate for your specific network, the...+


How secure is your IT infrastructure?

While most organizations are very sensitive to their physical security, only rarely the IT systems are perceived in the same way, often because the first...+

Helping you maximize your network investment

Cruxen offers a complete range of services and training so that you – and your staff – will get the most from your network.
We provide services in four main categories: Planning, Design, Implement, and Operating your enterprise network.